Two teenagers were left in a critical condition after they were allegedly train surfing near Riverlea train station in the west of Johannesburg.

At approximately 7.30pm paramedics from ER24 were dispatched to the scene for a report of a man that tripped and fell. However, when paramedics arrived on the scene they were escorted by members of the community to the train tracks where they found a 17-year-old teenager unconscious with severe injuries.

train---00It is understood that one of the teenagers (16), managed to walk to a nearby house to call for help. He sustained major cuts to his abdomen and was in a serious condition.

Paramedics initiated advanced life support treatment on the 17-year-old and later rushed him to Helen Joseph Hospital for further care. The 16-year-old was stabilised on the scene and rushed through to Life Fourways Hospital.

The 16-year-old teenager stated that they were allegedly robbed and thrown off the train, however, members of the community stated that they saw people earlier standing on top of the train. Some of the community members indicated that they heard a loud bang and immediately electricity in the nearby vicinity went off.

They believe it came from the station when one of the train surfers allegedly collided with overhead power cables. The police were called to the scene to investigate the exact circumstances surrounding the incident.

Members of the community were extremely helpful on the scene as many of them provided first aid prior to the arrival of paramedics.

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